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Around the globe and in every corner of the economy, sustainability is shaping the leadership, talent, and culture of organizations in profound and often unexpected ways. Across the Fortune 1000, traditional companies are rethinking their businesses in the face of environmental and social challenges. Meanwhile, impact entrepreneurs are launching new entities to address unmet social or economic needs.

Heidrick & Struggles works closely with companies across the spectrum that seek to define and achieve their own sustainability goals. As industry experts on leadership and human capital, we know that new strategies around purpose must come from the very top. Our experience guiding boards and senior executives through organization-wide transformations helps us find and foster future-ready leaders who can authentically integrate sustainability initiatives that meet the rising expectations of stakeholders and of the companies themselves.

Changing the Climate in the Boardroom
Our survey reveals a clear disconnect between what board members say about the importance of climate change to their companies and what the boards actually do.
The Business of Saving the Planet

HopkinsAtHome discussion with Dr. Jane Goodall, Ryan Gellert, and Lisa Jackson

“Leadership is the art of motivating and shepherding groups of people to act toward achieving a common goal. In a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company's needs. Right now, developing environmental leaders within the private and public sectors is a global priority. Without strong leaders, we won’t respond effectively to the challenges of climate change, nor be able to chart a path toward a regenerative society.”

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