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From artificial intelligence to cloud transformation, technological innovations are rapidly permeating every aspect of business and daily life. Software is the enabler of these transformations, and the companies in this high-growth sector require a consistent influx of top talent to reach ever-greater heights.

Our team of global experts works with all types of software companies regardless of ownership at every stage of growth, guiding talent decisions at the CEO and board levels, as well as for strategic functional positions at the senior level. Utilizing our firm’s market-leading industry knowledge and deep executive relationships, we connect clients with great leaders and consult on vital issues such as succession planning, cultural alignment, and executive onboarding.

Software and Services

The services and software worlds are converging—here’s how to think about leadership and hiring at their intersection

Times are changing in software and services as these two areas converge around new ways to create value. A thoughtful, informed approach to these transitions will increase the odds of success dramatically for all involved.

We help the Software industry more accurately reflect their audiences by presenting a diverse slate of candidates.
Our commitment to diversity & Inclusion 
Percentage of executive placements in 2020 who were women (a 4% increase from 2019)
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