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Dynamic Leader Profiles: Assessing leaders against critical roles for your organization

Discover the power of dynamic leader profiles: Evaluate leaders' fit for vital roles in your organization with our comprehensive assessment tool. Optimize success now!

Leadership fuels organizational success. Placing the right leaders in the right roles is crucial for organizations in achieving their strategic business goals. Dynamic leaders embrace change, welcome fresh ideas, and excel at managing and inspiring teams.

Discover how to transform the way you lead your business and accurately assess and predict a leader’s impact on business outcomes through the creation of dynamic leader profiles.

Where do you start when building dynamic leader profiles?

Defining the leaders your organization needs

To achieve your goals and stay ahead of industry trends, it is critical to tailor your leadership roles to meet the unique needs of your business.

Begin by defining your role profiles and identifying the key characteristics and future leadership traits that are required to drive tangible business results. Align these profiles with the leader profiles of your organization to better understand the leaders you already have.

A role profile serves as a structured framework for leadership talent planning, providing baseline data for leaders. Leveraging core aspects of leadership roles, organizational context, and Heidrick & Struggles’ leadership expertise, we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive description of leader characteristics and requirements for assessing potential leaders and successors. Each role profile represents the distinctive intersection of industry, function/sub-function, and organizational level.

While role profiles are customized to each business's goals, Heidrick Navigator has developed an extensive executive role taxonomy and profile library, capturing the core aspects of leadership roles.

Understanding the leaders you already have

While establishing a role profile is essential, your organization must assess whether your current leadership talent possesses the necessary capabilities and potential to meet the demands of your business. Simultaneously, these assessments help identify any existing gaps that you need to address. Using the collected information, a dynamic leader profile is created that details a comprehensive appraisal of each leader.

A leader profile is used to understand an individual leader comprehensively, holistically viewing their leadership potential and capabilities, business impact, and culture impact. It is an objective view providing insight into strengths and growth opportunities. Depending on the assessments provided, leader profiles can highlight various characteristics including communication skills, problem-solving abilities, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking.

How do you assess your leaders?
Let Heidrick Navigator's leadership intelligence platform show you real-time insights into your business.

You can use the view within a leader profile to maximize existing talent, identify areas for improvement, and create a personalized career development plan for your leadership.

Heidrick Navigator utilizes its proprietary assessment framework of robust, well-researched psychometrics and experience inventories to increase the predictive ability of their measurement. Heidrick & Struggles’ assessments, coupled with an AI-powered platform, capture insights on the hard skills, achievements, and success factors that increase leaders’ likelihood for success. We can combine this data with your other organizational assessments, non-assessment data (such as leader resumes and publicly available information), and your HRIS data, creating a holistic profile for each leader.

Matching these leader profiles with role profiles yields equitable results, identifying candidates ready now, ready soon, and ready later for each unique leadership role in your organization.

Leverage a best-in-class Framework Heidrick & Struggles’ Leadership Framework

Leveraging Heidrick & Struggles’ vast leadership expertise and analysis, our team of psychologists and data scientists have helped us create the Heidrick Leadership Framework. It highlights the essential attributes of effective leaders and serves as a hiring and development guide.

The Leadership Framework shows that the most successful leaders:

  • Have had distinctive business impact exceeding objectives and delivering results
  • Possess critical leadership capabilities and competencies
  • Have the leadership potential to grow and adapt
  • Use their values to make a positive cultural impact in their organizations

The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Framework

Our Leadership Framework is a game-changer for identifying, developing, and retaining the leaders who drive your organizational success.

For optimal results, adopt a comprehensive, multi-method approach to leadership development and succession planning by integrating the framework with other assessments and robust data sources. Experience the transformative solution of Heidrick Navigator—an all-in-one platform for making better leadership decisions at scale.

Leadership intelligence platforms like Heidrick Navigator consolidate siloed leadership data, offering real-time insights into your current leadership landscape and future needs, and provide transparency when it comes to measuring and developing leaders.

Make better leadership decisions at scale

With one unified leadership intelligence platform, you can transform the way you lead your business and manage your leaders with proactive, data-driven decisions based on our AI-powered leadership intelligence.

Heidrick Navigator’s dynamic leadership profiles empower you to:

  • Identify leaders ready for their next challenge or for internal career advancement
  • Audit your leadership talent and map it against your business needs
  • Identify top talent and critical roles and develop proactive retention plans
  • Understand the diversity of your leadership population and identify and activate your diverse talent pipeline
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