Digital Transformation
Accelerating transformation for the digital age by harnessing the human element

Despite massive investments in digital transformation, the innovation gap continues to grow. Why? Because far too may companies fail to focus on the human element behind the technology. To navigate complexity and drive growth during unprecedented disruption, organizations must change their DNA to align their workforce around a common digital ambition, then embrace a culture of continuous innovation and accelerate the digital capabilities of their leaders and teams.

Our unrivaled experience working with senior leadership around the globe provides a unique lens into the capabilities needed to drive agility and win amid rapid market changes. Using time-tested assessment tools and proprietary research in organizational performance, we help companies to reframe their purpose for the digital age, assess and close gaps in innovation capabilities, and harness the power of their people to become a market-leading digital disruptor.

Achieving Digital Reacceleration
“Because “digital” implies a step change in not only technologies and processes but also mindsets and behaviors, it actually requires a greater emphasis on talent and culture than many leaders initially estimated.”

Digital Culture Playbook

Digital is another, often key component of an organization’s strategy. A culture needs to be shaped to embrace and accelerate digital and innovation as crucial elements of an organization’s future, but also to embrace, shape, and reinforce related priorities, such as sustainability, diversity, and simplicity.

Your culture can accelerate digital transformation and innovation more broadly through these four principles of culture shaping: purposeful leadership, personal change, broad engagement, and systemic alignment.

Digital Accelerator Questionnaire

Actionable insights to help accelerate your organization's digital transformation journey

The Digital Accelerator Questionnaire (DAQ) measures your organization's digital readiness and maturity, indicating its performance and capacity to leverage new technologies and outperform the competition

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