Diversified Services
Your talent partner through pivotal transitions and transformations in service-based businesses

From engineering and construction firms to companies engaged in distributed, branch-based, route-based and related business models, organizations that specialize in complex business-to-business activities are expanding beyond their core markets and competencies to fuel regional or global growth. A push toward diversification and consolidation is fundamentally altering leadership requirements in this broad and labor-intensive sector; overseeing enterprise-wide change is now just as important as the ability to manage large-scale projects and operations.

Our experts advise a wide range of private equity, publicly-traded, and family-owned companies as they look both within and outside traditional talent pools to help accelerate organizational performance. Using proven and data-driven assessment methods, we guide clients through M&As, CEO successions, cultural and digital transformations, and other challenges that result from generational and foundational shifts.

Why do businesses need diversified services?
Diversifying into new products and service lines can provide an effective path to fast growth, as you sell more products to existing customers or establish new markets. But it’s vital to weigh up the risks as well as the opportunities.
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