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The complex and capital-intensive development cycles that have long dominated the semiconductor industry are being disrupted by AI, machine learning, and a rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape. Despite their size, companies in this space continue to increase their speed to market while grappling with consolidation and ever-changing global supply chain challenges.

Makers of chips, devices, and storage systems need leaders who recognize the impact of market and technology disruptions on their business models – and also understand the growth opportunities they present. Our deep knowledge of this highly specialized sector makes us uniquely qualified to engage top-tier candidates across C-suite, functional, and operational roles. In addition, we’re adept at finding agile and diverse talent from adjacent industries ready to offer fresh perspectives on everything from manufacturing to culture.

Artificial-intelligence hardware: New Opportunities for Semiconductor Companies
“Our clients’ talent needs are focused on recruiting more innovative and diverse talent than ever before, outside of the familiar ecosystem.”
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